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2024 Squash & Racketball Club Championships

The annual Squash and Racketball Club Championships reached the Finals Night on Friday 17th May 2024

Winners, finalists and spectators enjoying well earned beer after the presentation
Giles, James, Lee, Callum, Jonathan, Charles, Andy, Gary, Lyn, Julia, Jerry, Bernie, Simon, Bryan.

The full scores and results are below: 


Racketball Vets Plate winner - Andy Gilks  &  Racketball A series winner Callum Watts


Squash winner Charles Black  &  Racketball B series winner Gary Biles



Racketball B series Plate winner James Pickering & Squash Vets Winner Jonathan Baker



Squash Plate Winner Julia Kearsey  &  Racketball Vets Winner Lyn Stockham



Flowers for organisers Janet Biles and Julia Kearsey. Ross wasn't around to pick up his bouquet!

Cost of entry was £5 for one tournament or £8 for two tournaments (except the Junior Squash which is free entry). If you haven't done so already please ensure that you do pay your fees at the earliest opportunity, Thank You.

Tournament fees can be paid at the office, at the bar or by BACS transfer.

Many Thanks from everyone to Ross Mealor ( and Julia Kearsey ( and Janet Biles for organising the competitions and the finals night.

2023 Squash & Racketball Club Handicapped Championships

The finals of  this year's handicap tournaments were played last night (Friday 24th November).

Photo of the finalists below.

The results were:

  • Squash - Charles Black bt Ian Nowell Smith 3-0
  • Squash Plate - Chris Hill bt Nick Orr 3-0
  • Racketball - Trevor Green bt John Pengelly - 3-0
  • Racketball Plate - Keith Loader bt Simon Watts 3-1
  • Squash Vets - Nick Barker (3 way play off with Nick Orr and Giles Watts)
  • Squash Vets Plate - Nick Orr
  • Racketball Vets - Giles Watts bt Nick Barker 3-0
  • Racketball Vets Plate - Gary Biles bt John Pengelly 3-1

For the detailed match reults click here

Many thanks to the organisors, Julia Kearsey, Ross Mealor and Janet Biles, for all their hard work in making the tournament happen.

Original Draws:

Racketball Open ~~~ Squash Open ~~~ Racketball Vets ~~~ Squash Vets 


2023 Squash & Racketball Club Championships

The finals of the 2023 Squash and Racketball Club Championships were played last night (19th May) and the results were as follows:

  • Squash A Series - Neil Chambers 3-0 Callum Watts
  • Squash A Series Plate - Ross Godfree 3-0 Lee Burnie
  • Squash B Series - Robbie Tomkins 0-3 Julia Kearsey
  • Squash B Series Plate - Ian Nowell-Smith 3-0 Dave Bahttacharjee (W/O injury to DB)
  • Squash Vets - Gary Biles 3-2 Dave Bhattacharjee (DB retired at 2-2)
  • Squash Vets Plate - Giles Watts 0-3 Jonathan Baker
  • Racketball A Series - Neil Chambers 3-1 Callum Watts
  • Racketball A Series Plate - Robbie Tomkins 1-3 Stuart Scourfield
  • Racketball B Series - Shaun Dunn 3-1 Ben Williams
  • Racketball B Series Plate - James Pickering 0-3 Simon Watts
  • Racketball Vets - Lyn Stockham 3-0 Gary Biles 
  • Racketball Vets Plate - Keith Loader 3-2 Jerry Trevorah
  • Squash Juniors A - Lloyd Dunn 3-1 Zach White
  • Squash Juniors B - Orson Mealor 3-1 Arlo Shave

For the full detailed results CLICK HERE 

Report and photos to be posted soon.


The girls having fun on court and Orson Mealor (Junior B Series winner)


Callum Watts presenting Sonia. Urshy and Marissa with their prizes


Gary and Dave (Vets Squash) ~ Dave and Ian (B Plate) ~ Giles and Jonathan (Vets Squash plate)


Julia and Robbie (Squash B) ~ Jerry and Keith (Racketball Vets Plate) - Lloyd Dunn (Junior A)


Gary and Lyn (Vets Racketball) ~ Neil and Callum (Squash A and Racketball A)


Ross Godfree (Squash A Plate) ~ Simon Watts (Racketball B Plate)


Robbie (Racketball A Plate) ~ Shaun and Ben (Racketball B)

Presenting all the prizes Squash & Racketball Committee Chairman Giles Watts.

Many Thanks to Ross Mealor, Julia Kearsey & Janet Biles for organising the competitions and the finals night.


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