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~~ 2022 ~~

The Roger Pinny Racketball Christmas Doubles Tournament

The tournament was organised by Andy Notley and held on Thursday 29th December 2022. 16 competitors paired off by seeding, i.e. 1st & 16th, 2nd & 15th, etc. This was previously known as the "Stiffs" tournament, but has now been renamed in honour of Roger who passed away earlier this year and who was instrumental in introducing Racketball to the club. The pairs were split into two groups of 4 with the winners of each group contesting the final and the bottom pairs contesting the Wooden Spoon match. Matches were played as a single game to 21 with a sudden death point at 20-20. 

Charles Black & Paul Breakwell played Andy Gilks & Simon Watts in the final with Charles and Paul winning comfortably 21-10. Charles speed and court coverage proved a bit too much for all their opponements during the evening. In the "losers" final Giles Watts & Colin Turner managed to hold off late replacement Steve (I only came down for a beer!) Jefferies & John Pengelly and win the match with a few points to spare. So Steve & John won the wooden spoons. 

Thanks again to Andy for organising, Janet Biles for sorting out the trophies and to Andy Gilks for making the trophies.

Those who took part .....
Back - Gary Biles, Andy Gilks, Paul Breakwell, Keith Loader, Giles Watts, Charles Black, John Christmas,
Richard Middleton, Lyn Stockham, Simon Watts, Callum Watts, Colin Turner, Trevor Green, Lloyd Dunn, Steve Jeffries
Front - Andy Notley and John Pengelly

Winners Charles Black & Paul Breakwell ~ Runners up Andy Gilks & Simon Watts ~ Wooden Spoons Steve Jeffries & John Pengelly

Trophies presented by the Squash Committee Chairman Giles Watts

2022 Dorset Closed Squash Tournament

The Dorset Closed Squash Tournament was held at the club over the weekend of 26th/27th November, the finals results are below

  • Men A Winner: Clive Ewins (for the 22nd time!)- Runner up: Marc James
  • Men A Plate: Winner: Tom Kirby - Runner up: Ross Godfree
  • Men B Winner: Ros Godfree - Runner up: Nick Jenkins
  • Men B Plate: Winner: James Prentice - Runner Up: Jack Hall
  • Ladies Winner: Sophie Sawyer - Runner Up Amy Campbell-Wyntre
  • Mens O'45: Winner Nick Jenkins - Runner Up: Jason Collier
  • Mens O'55: Winner: Adam Scott - Runner Up: Charlie Campbell-Wyntre
  • Mens O'55: Plate: Winner: Phil James - Runner Up: Giles Watts

All the winners and runners up


Sophie Sawyer the ladies champion and Clive Ewins the men's champion for the 22nd time!

2022 Squash & Racketball Handicapped Tournaments

The finals of the annual Squash and Racketball Handicapped competitions were held on Friday 2nd December. 

The results were

  • Squash - Ross Godfree beat Ian Nowell Smith - 3-0
  • Squash Plate - Shaun Dunn beat Gary Biles - 3-1
  • Racketball - Stuart Scourfield beat Robbie Tompkins - 3-1
  • Racketball Plate - Gary Biles beat Jonathan Baker - 3-0



Squash winner Ross Godfree and runner up Ian Nowell-Smith 


Squash Plate winner Shaun Dunn and runner up Gary Biles


Racketball winner Stuart Scourfield and runner up Robbie Tompkins


Racketball Plate winner Gary Biles and runner up Jonathon Baker

Many thanks to all who came along to support the event and Janet Biles for the excellent buffet spread.

Special thanks to the tournament Organisers -  Ross Mealor ( & Julia Kearsey (

2022 Squash & Racketball Club Championships

The finals of this year's tournament were held at the club last night (20th May). A great evening was had by all with a good crowd at the club who saw some excellent matches. Janet Biles and Keith Loader did a fantastic job of  running the tournament and the finals night which included the junior finals for the first time. It was great to see so many children playing and watching. In addition there was a raffle run during the evening, with arms twisted and money taken by Squash & Racketball Committee Chairman Alan Membury. Prizes were donated by various club members and £270 was raised for Unkrainian support charities. 

Photos from the evening are below.

The results of the finals were:

  • Squash A Series -
    • Callum Watts bt Lee Burnie 3-0 (11-7 11-7 12-10)
  • Squash A Series Plate -
    • Stewart Dipple bt Charles Black 3-0 (11-9 11-2 11-9)
  • Squash B Series -
    • Giles Watts bt Clive Wakely  3-1 (11-6 11-7 5-11 11-7)
  • Squash Vets -
    • Gary Biles bt Ian Nowell-Smith 3-0 (11-7 11-6 11-4)
  • Racketball -
    • Callum Watts bt Charles Black 3-1 (9-11 11-8 11-5 11-6)
  • Racketball Plate Final -
    • Stuart Scourfield bt Ben Lever 3-2 (4-11 11-5 11-8 6-11 11-6)
  • Racketball Vets -
    • Gary Biles bt Graham Frances 3-2 (13-15 11-7 11-9 10-12 11-3)
  • Racketball Vets Plate Final -
    • Bryan Perry bt Simon Watts 3-0 (12-10 11-4 11-4)
  • U19's Final -
    • Zack White bt Lloyd Dunn 3-2 (11-9 6-11 16-14 9-11 11-7)
  • U16's Final -
    • Daniel Smith bt Jordan Hambleton 3-2 (6-11 11-6 12-10 4-11 11-6)
  • U16's Plate Final -
    • Alfie Kneeborn bt Alfie Hedges 3-1 (11-2 5-11 11-4 11-9)
  • U13's Final  -
    • Jack Davis bt Orson Mealor 3-0 (11-4 11-6 11-4)

Racketball Plate winner Stuart Scourfield and runner up Ben Lever

Racketball winner Callum Watts and runner up Charles Black

Racketball Plate winner Bryan Perry and runner up Simon Watts

Racketball Vets winner Gary Biles and runner up Graham Frances

Squash A series Plate winner Stewart Dipple and runner up Charles Black

Squash A Series winner Callum Watts and runner up Lee Burnie

Squash B Series winner Giles Watts and runner up Clive Wakely

Squash Vets winner Gary Biles and runner up Ian Nowell-Smith


A few photos of Club Chairman Neil Foster's speech at the start of the presentation.

The original draw and results from the tournament group stages can be found here - Click Here


~~ 2021 ~~

The club championships for 2021 were not played due to the Covid-19 restrictions.
However we were able to run the handicap tornament and the results and photos are below.

2021 Squash & Racketball Handicap Tournaments

The Finals of the Squash and Racketball Handicap tournament were held at the club last night and the results were:

  • Squash
    • Steve Shave beat Paul Morris 3-0 (15-4, 15-11, 15-11)
  • Racketball
    • Gary Biles beat Keith Loader 3-2 (15-10, 15-11, 8-15, 10-15, 15-11)
  • Squash Plate
    • Giles Watts beat Ross Mealor 3-1
  • Racketball Plate
    • Bryan Perry beat John Pengelly 3-1 (15-7, 11-15, 15-11, 15-9)

Bryan Perry, John Pengelly, Keith Loader, Ross Mealor,
Gary Biles, Steve Shave, Paul Morris.

Racketball Winner - Gary Biles

Racketball Runner Up - Keith Loader

Squash Winner - Steve Shave

Squash Runner Up - Paul Morris

Racketball Plate Winner - Bryan Perry

Squash Plate Winner - Giles Watts

Squash Plate Runner Up - Ross Mealor

Trophies and prizes presented by Squash & Racketball Committee chairman Alan Membury

The final versions of the draws for the Squash and Racketball handicap tournaments are below, just click the link .......


Last updated - MONDAY 6th DECEMBER


~ ~  2020  ~ ~

There were no Squash or Racketball championships of any kind in 2020 due to the global Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

In addition the Dorset Squash and Racketball leagues/cups were suspended until the winter of 2021. 

AGM 2020

The most improved Squash Player was awarded to James Pickering

The most improved Racketball Player was awarded to Craig Holloway

Both trophies presented by Squash & Racketball Chair Andy Gilks

Dorset Squash & Racketball Winter Leagues & Cups 2019/2020 - All the latest  fixtures, results and league tables:

28th April 2020
The season was effectively finished in mid March due to the Corona virus and the stats below are as at that point. 

DTSC Results - click here

DTSC Player stats - click here

DS&R League tables - click here

DTSC playing order - click here

To see the full and detailed team results and league tables use the DS&R Sportenza website - click here

~ ~  2019  ~ ~

2019 Club Handicap Squash & Racketball Championships

Latest update - Saturday 30th November 2019

A relatively small, but very knowledgable, crowd saw some great Squash and Racketball finals last night. The bar did a brisk buisness and the nibbles and finger buffet were much appreciated by those who came along to watch.
The prizes and trophies were awarded by the Squash Committee Chairman, Andy Gilks.
Many thanks to Lyn Stockham, Janet Biles and Keith Loader who organised the tournament and did a lot of chasing to ensure that matches were played on time.

  • Squash main draw - click here
    • The Squash Final - Stewart Dipple (-15) vs Callum Watts (-15)
    •  Stewart won 3-0 (11-5, 11-6, 11-9)
    • A relatively straightforward win for Stewart against a sub-par Callum who was hinded by an ankle injury and perhaps needed a few points from the handicapper (both had the same handicap) against the club No. 1.
  • Squash plate draw - click here
    • The Squash Plate Final - Giles Watts (-8) vs Paul Harrold (-6)
    • Giles won 3-2 (2-11, 11-6, 8-11, 11-4, 11-7)
    • After playing in the Racketball final Giles was back on court with a Squash ball and quickly found himself 1-2 down again. However he made a great recovery to win the last two games and win the match 3-2.
  • Racketball main draw - click here
    • The Racketball Final - Lyn Stockham (-10) vs Giles Watts (-4)
    • Lyn won 3-1 (11-6, 11-6, 8-11, 11-9)
    • Lyn is in a rich vein of form at the moment and this showed as he quickly built a 2-0 lead although he was helped by Giles propensity to hit potentially rally winning shots into the tin or out of the court. Giles recovered some composure in the third to pull a game back, but Lyn's more accurate shots helped him keep a narrow lead in the fourth game and win the match 3-1. 
  • Racketball plate draw - click here
    •  The Racketball Plate Final - Robbie Tompkins (-8) vs Steve Shave (-8)
    • Robbie won 3-2 (12-10, 11-7, 5-11, 9-11, 11-3)
    • This was a pairing of two runners and was probably the match of the evening. Robbie was two games up before Steve recovered to to make the match 2-2, however Steve "ran out of legs" in the fifth and Robbie's seemingly superior fitness helped him build an insurmountable lead to take the game 11-3 and the match 3-2. 

2019 Club Championships

The Squash and Racketball Championship finals were held at the club on 17th May 2019. A great evening enjoyed by all who were there playing or spectating. Many thanks to Jonathan Baker and Lyn Stockham for organising the competitions which, given the low number of entrants, was not an easy job this year. The Squash & Racketball committee will be looking at ways to improve the competitions next year and hopefully have a much larger number of players in the tournament. Got any ideas about how to do this, then please talk to a member of the committee.

This years finalists and winners were .......

  • Squash Ladies - Isabella White beat Janet Biles 3-0
  • Squash - Stewart Dipple beat Giles Watts 3-0
  • Squash Plate - Paul Harrold beat Paul Morris 3-1
  • Squash Vets - Gary Biles beat Jonathan Baker 3-0
  • Racketball - Jake Wilkinson-Tough beat Giles Watts 3-0
  • Racketball Plate - Mike Elliot beat Colin Turner 3-1
  • Racketball Vets - Mike Elliot beat Gary Biles 3-1
  • Racketball Vets Plate - Phil Horne beat Andy Gilks 3-0

Click here to see the photos, these are also on the club's Facebook page. 

Ladies Squash Night @ DSTC - Thursday 17th October 2019

Lady Squash players from the club joined with players from around Dorset for a ladies night of Squash at DTSC, a 5-a-side match was arranged with the following result.

  1. Margaret Trafford (Bridport) - 0 v 3 - Bev Vatcher (West Hants) ~ 8/15 4/15 6/15
  2. Annabel Whalley (DTSC) - 0 v 3 - Katie Scott (West Hants) ~ 11/15 10/15 10/15
  3.  Megan Barnes (DTSC) - 3 v 0 - Gemma Smith (Bridport) ~ 15/9 15/ 10 15/11
  4. Janet Biles (DTSC) - 2 v 3 - Isabella White (DTSC) ~ 15/12 3/15 11/15 15/5 5 /15
  5. Davinder White (DTSC) - 3 v 1 - Francois Ha (DTSC) ~ 15/9 13/15 15/8 15/5 

A thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by all and will hopefully be repeated in the future with a wider group from the other clubs in the county.
Apparently the pizza and chips delivery for the post match eats were delicious!

Gary Biles - 18th October 2019 

D.T.S.C. vs The Royal Marines - Thursday 27th June 2019

A great evening with some very good Squash and some rather one sided Racketball. Very good company and the matches all played in the right spirit of sportsmanship. Great to see the club packed with players and spectators, the bar doing an awful lot of business (!) and the balconys full on every court.

DTSC ran out the winners on the night 10-4 with our strength in depth being the deciding factor as well as the fact that the Marines do not play Racketball at all!

30+ players and friends then went to the Colliton Club for the post match meal and a few more ales. A great event and advert for the club which the Marines would like to repeat annually, except they are not sure about playing Racketball! There was much praise from the Marines about the high standard of the courts at DTSC.

Gary Biles - 28th June 2019 

Squash Team:
1. Charles Black - Lost 0-3
2. Callum Watts - Lost 0-3
3. Marcus Courtaux - Lost 2-3
4. Ben Lever - Lost 1-3
5. Craig Robinson - Won 3-1
6. Sam Fudge - Won 3-1
7. Robbie Tompkins - Won 3-0
8. Gary Biles - Won 3-0
9. Giles Watts - Won 3-0
10. Ian Nowell-Smith - Won 3-0

Racketball Team:
1. Neil Foster - No opponent, but our Chairman was happy to drink Thatchers and watch!
2. Jake Wilkinson-Tough - Won 3-0
3. Dave Whittingham - Won 3-0
4. Simon Watts - Won 3-0
5. Keith Loader - Won 3-0

For the full detailed results click here (it's an Excel spreadsheet)

Friendly Racketball Match vs Bridport

Tuesday 15th May saw a very good 7-a-side friendly Racketball match against Bridport at DTSC with Dorchester running out 5-2 winners.
Post match meal and drinks at the Colliton Club.

  1. Marcus Courtaux won 3-0
  2. Ben Lever. won 3-1
  3. Gary Biles won 3-0
  4. Ian Nowell-Smith (Capt) won 3-1
  5. Scott Bateman won 3-0
  6. John Christmas lost 2-3
  7. Paul Breakwell lost 2-3

Thanks to Ian for organising a very good evening

Gary B. - 16th May 2019

Dorset Squash & Racketball Leagues 2018/2019

League Tables as at Tuesday 30th April - click here
There are a few results still to be enetered but they will have little significant impact on the tables except for the Racketball 2 Division where BSC RB2 only need 1pt from their remaining two matches (presumably completed but no result input as yet!!) to win the division. 

So the Dorchester teams have completed all their matches and although other teams still have a few results to enter (why it does it take some clubs weeks to enter a result? Answers on a post card to the DS&R Committee please!) our league positions are all but set in stone.
So how did we do?

Squash 1st Team
Finished a creditable 4th in the 1st Division, won 7 lost 7. On paper a league winning squad of players, however they were never able to get their best team on court in the matches that mattered. Knocked out of the cup in the 1st round by league champions West Hants 1.

Squash 2nd Team
Finished a very good 3rd in the 2nd Division, won 6 lost 4. A good result in strong division albeit with only 6 teams after JP Blandford 2 withdrew mid season. Had to concede their cup semi final due injury and player availability. 

Squash 3rd Team
Finished 5th (or 3rd from bottom if "your glass is half empty") in the 3rd Division having won 5 lost 7, lost 2-3 on four occassions. Did reasonably well, after being promoted from Division 4 last season, in a very strong league. Knocked out of the cup in the semi finals.

Squash 4th Team
Finished 6th in Division 4 (2nd from bottom if your glass ....) having won 4 and lost 8. Another division where a team (Bridport 2) withdrew mid season. The team were in a strong position at the mid point of the season, but faded badly in the new year. Beaten in the cup semi final by league champions BSC 4 who are very likely to win the cup.

Racketball 1st Team
Finished 3rd in Division 1 having won 6 and lost 4, a very creditable result. Conceded their cup semi final as they would have been unable to field a team had they won thru to the final.

Racketball 2nd Team
Finished 3rd from bottom in Division 2 having won 5 and lost 9. Plagued all season by player availabilty issues. Knocked out of the cup in the first round.

Racketball 3rd Team
Finished 4th in a very strong Division 3, only around 20pts covering the top 4 teams. A very good record of having won 9 lost 5. The team are in the cup final against Haymoor 1 on May 4th at BSC. Unfortunately Haymoor put out a very strong side in the final and we lost 4-0! Lyn 0-3 ~ Jake 2-3 ~ Gary 1-3 ~ Simon 0-3. Both Gary and Jake had the opportunity to win their respective matches, but they couldn't quite finish off their opponents. We would have lost on games count back anyway, but 2-2 might have been a fairer scoreline.   

The club are entering 1 Squash team and 1 Racketball team in the DS&R 2019 Summer Cup competition, if you are interested in playing for the teams please put your name down on the list in the bar area at the club. 

Gary B. 6th May 2019

~ ~  2018  ~ ~

2018 "Stiffs" Racketball Doubles Tournament

The "Stiffs" Racketball Doubles tournament has become a Christmas tradition at DTSC and this years competition added to that history. 16 invited players ranked 1-16, with No. 1 being paired with No. 16, No. 2 with No. 15 and so on. Split into two groups of 4 the teams play a round robin of matches of 1 game to 21pts. The team in each group with the most points play the final and the team with the least points in each group play off for the losers trophy "the Stiffy", the losers of the final winning the trophy.

This years finalists were Dave Whittingham & John Christmas against Callum Watts & Paul Breakwell. Dave & John's solid play and tactic of keeping the ball away from Callum eventually paid dividends and they won the final 21-15.

In the losers final Keith Loader (current holder of the trophy) & Giles Watts (a late replacement for an injured Colin England) played Simon Watts & Alan Membury. The match was faily even until around 12-12 when Simon & Alan pulled away and, despite Keith's desperate efforts, eventually won 21-14. So once again Keith gets the stiffs trophy for his mantlepiece for 6 months before handing it on to Giles.

Many Thanks from all those who took part to Any Notley for organising the tournament.


      Stiffs trophy winners Giles & Keith                                 Andy Notley with Tournament Winners John & Dave

For those of a sensitive nature I haven't posted pictures of Keith & Giles with the trophy, if you want to see those pics go onto the clubs Facebook page.     

Gary Biles - 28th December 2018

2018/2019 - DTSC Squash 3rd Team

David Whalley of  DW Roofing Dorset Ltd ......
Back Row - Gary Biles, Sam Fudge, Paul White
Front Row - Alan Membury, Robbie Tompkins, Annabel Whalley
The team in their new t-shirts, many thanks to DW Roofing for sponsoring the team
Click their logo to go to the DW Roofing website.


2017/2018 Dorset Squash & Racketball Winter Leagues

DTSC Squash 3rd Team winners of the Division 4 title

Megan Barnes, Alan Membury, Gary Biles, Paul White, Giles Watts, Annabel Whalley

2018 Dorset Squash & Racketball Winter Cup Finals

DTSC had great success at the Dorset Squash & Racketball Finals at Bournemouth Sports on 19th May 2018 with the DTSC 3 Racketball Team winning the Division 3 Racketball Cup and the DTSC 3 Squash Team winning the Division 3 Squash Cup.

Racketball – Div 3 Final

Dorchester 3 beat Haymoor 1 – 4-0

1.    Lyn Stockham won 3-0 ~ 2.   Ben lever won 3-0 ~ 3.   Jake Wilkinson-Tough won 3-1 ~ 4.   Gary Biles won 3-0

Squash – Div 3 Final

Dorchester 2 beat Milford 1 – 3-2

1.    Marcus Courtaux won 3-1 ~ 2.   Ben Lever won 3-0 ~ 3.   Rasmus Lauridsen lost 1-3
4.   Gary Biles lost 0-3 ~ 5.   Adam Lawrence won 3-1

2018 Squash & Racketball Handicap Finals Night

The Finals of the Squash & Racketball Handicap competions were held on Friday 30th November 2018.

A good number of spectators saw an amazing night of Squash and Racketball with all the finals being very closely contested which shows what a good job the handicapping "team" did in seting up the competition. Many thanks from all the competitors to Jonathan Baker for running the tournament this year.   

  • Squash Final - Arthur May 3-2 Charles Black - 15/12  6/15  15/10  9/15  15/14
    • A great advert for squash from two of the club's first team in an incredibly close match. The excellent play from both players was great to watch whether attacking or retrieving. Charles handicap meant that he had to give 2pts to Arthur. The match see-sawed back and forth and after well over an hour on court came down to a "sudden death" point at 14-14 in the fifth game with Arthur prevailing and taking the championship point. 
  • Squash Plate Final - Sam Fudge 3-0 Richard Middleton - 15/12  15/12  15/13
    • The game scores show that this was a lot closer than the 3-0 score line suggests. Sam had to work very hard for the win starting on -10 to Richard's +4. Richard's handicap increased by 2pts with each game Sam won culminating in -10 vs +8 in the third game! Good to see one of the younger and newer members of the club featuring and winning in the finals.
  • Racketball Final - Callum Watts 3-2 Arthur May - 15/5  15/10  0/15  11/15  15/11
    • After his epic Squash final Arthur only had a short break before going back on court in the Racketball final against an obviously fresh Callum (probably after he gave a big "thank you" to Charles for keeping Arthur on court for so long!). After yet another change of t-shirt (a feature of the squash final!) Arthur fought hard against Callum but couldn't take advantage of his 5pt  handicap advantage and lost the first two games, the final looking to be over in quick time. However Arthur rallied and came back in the next two games to win the third comfortably 15/0 and the fourth 15/11. Callum wasn't to be denied though and taking advantage of Arthur's tiring legs he built up a good lead in the fifth game. Arthur did come back and significantly reduce the lead, but Callum eventually won the deciding game 15/11 to take the cup.  
  • Racketball Plate Final - Todd Moffat 3-2 Sue Ramsbottom - 15/10  15/11  6/15  3/15  15/14
    • Although he had to give Sue a 7pt start (0 vs -7) Todd recovered the handicap very quickly in the first two games and built a commanding 2-0 lead. With Sue starting the third game now with an 11pt start she took full advantage and made a great come back to win the next two games and take match into a deciding fifth. The final game see-sawed back and forth and like the Squash final got to 14-14 and a "sudden death" point. Unbelievably at mid rally on the match deciding point the lights went out! The courts had been booked out for the finals until 9pm and then the lights automatically turned off (Note to Adam: need a bit more court time next year please!) Todd won the replayed point to take the cup, but a valiant effort from Sue in another exciting and epic encounter.       


Squash Finalists - Arthur and Charles.                   Racketball Finalists - Callum and Arthur


Squash Plate Finalists - Sam and Richard.                 Racketball Plate Finalists Todd and Sue.

Presentations by Squash & Racketball Committee Chairperson Annabel Whalley

2018 Squash & Racketball Club Championships - Finals Night

A very successful Finals night was held on Friday 4th May 2018 at DTSC. There was a great turnout of participants and spectators and the full results and some more photos are at the link.

2018 Club AGM

At the Club AGM on Monday 26th Feb 2018, the trophy for most improved squash player was awarded to Ross Mealor by Club Chairman Neil Foster.

~ ~ 2017 ~ ~

2017 Dorset Squash & Racketball Summer Cup Finals

Dorchester 2 – Dorset Squash & Racketball Summer Cup Division 3 Winners - Shaun Dunn, Ben Skidmore, Gary Biles (Capt), Ian Nowell-Smith, Giles Watts

Sep 2017 - The DTSC 2nd team playing in the Dorset Squash Summer Cup won the Division 3 title beating a very good Milford side in the Final held at Bournemouth Squash Club on Saturday 9th September.

With only four players available for the final the team picked itself. However Giles Watts injured himself (playing in a Squash tournament!) the night before the final and was unable to play. Fortunately Shaun Dunn stepped in and cancelled his planned activities for the Saturday so that the team would have a full complement of players for the final. 

Having not picked up a racket for 3 months while working in the USA at summer sports camps the teams No. 1 Ben Skidmore looked a little rusty on court. However his long reach, accurate volleying and tight drives meant he was always in control of his match and won comfortably 3-0 against Arni Badami. A great start for the team.

Team Captain Gary Biles recently joined DTSC after 25 years playing and running successful teams at the now sadly closed Weymouth Squash Club. Playing at No. 2 he made a poor start in each of the first two games against Stuart Belbin and lost them both. The third game was much closer and at 8-8 Belbin called for a single deciding point and tinned the next serve to give Biles the game. Although he lost the next game and the match 1-3 the single game won would turn out to be a decisive one.

The fourth string match was next on court with Ian Nowell-Smith representing DTSC. Having the unenviable record of not having won a match leading up to the final he was clearly saving his best until last. He outplayed his opponent, James Morris, all around the court and despite a minor scare at 4-7 down in the third game he won the match 3-0 and gave the Dorchester team an unassailable lead in the overall match. 

Although the 3rd string match was now a dead rubber Shaun Dunn put on a good show against Carl Boettger. Both players enjoyed the match without any pressure on them and Boettger ran out the winner 3-0. All four matches were played a very good and friendly spirit with everyone enjoying the day.  

The overall match score ended 2-2 with Dorchester winning on games count back 7-6. After winning many Dorset leagues and cups at Weymouth Squash Club Gary Biles said he was extremely pleased to bring back some silverware for his new squash home at DTSC.

AGM February 2017

Pictured below is Roger Pinney (left) who was awarded Club Person of the Year 2016/17 and Saleem Taibjee (right) being presented the award for Most Improved Squash Player 2016/17 by Annabel Whalley, Chair of the Squash Committee at the AGM on 27th Feb 2017.


Nine championship matches took place in front of a large crowd at Dorchester Tennis and Squash club on Friday night. The matches were all highly competitive and the onlookers were entertained to some excellent play.

The main Open Squash title was contested by Nick Lamb and Callum Watts and was a battle between Lamb's experience and the youthful fitness of seventeen years old Watts. It was a hard fought and highly skilled performance from both players, but Lamb's experience showed through and he took the title by three games to love.

Callum Watts then, after a short rest, had to change his racket and the size of ball to contest the open Racketball final against Jake Elwood. Although already having played a hard game of Squash, Watts was faced with a super fit man who pushed him all the way before Watts successfully got through three long drawn out games and reversed his previous performance at Squash winning deservably by three games to love.

The Squash Veterans (over 50) final was between newcomer to the club Gary Biles and long time member Adam Lawrence. After an evenly matched close first game, Gary took control and ran out a 3-0 winner.

The Racketball Veterans title match saw a return to the court for Jake Elwood who took on a past champion in Lyn Stockham, a determined opponent, who although having a number of game points in the first, didn't manage to convert them losing out 14-12. However, Stockham then took the second game but couldn't keep Elwood at bay who, visibly showing signs of fatigue, fought on to win the next two games for a hard fought 3-1 victory.

The ladies Squash title was contested between Janet Biles, following in her husband's footsteps on court, against the club Squash chairman Annabel Whalley. Although the game was played in a great spirit, Annabel Whalley proved to be the stronger of the two players taking the title three games to love.

There were plate finals for first round losers and it was where some of the closest matches of the evening took place.

Jake Wilkinson-Tough won the Racketball Plate. Hal Casalet won the Squash Plate. Simon Watts won the Veterans Racketball Plate and the Squash Veterans Plate was won by Jonathan Baker.

Pictured below are the 2017 Finalists.


2017 Handicap Finals Night

Almost sixty Dorchester Tennis and Squash club members took part in the annual Squash and Racketball Handicap Tournaments.

The knockout competitions started in early October and culminated in the finals being contested on Friday 1 Dec and there were some interesting match ups among the eight players who had battled through the earlier rounds.

First up, to decide the winner of the Racketball Plate (the contest for first round losers), was John Pengelly whose opponent was Ben Williams. John was playing off scratch and Ben off minus 7. This handicap didn't faze Ben and, although it was closely contested affair, he managed to edge out John to take a 3-1 victory 15/8, 10/15, 15/9, 15/10.

Next to take to the court was Squash Chairman, Annabel Whalley, her opponent in the Squash Plate final being Gary Biles who had to give her 3 points. The handicapper was spot on because the excellent match seesawed one way and the other until finally Annabel gained a 3-2 victory.

The main Squash final was an intriguing match between two teenagers. Callum Watts, at eighteen, already making his mark around the county, and the up and coming junior, fifteen year old Ollie Moffat. Callum, considered by the handicapper the strongest player in the competition, was playing off a heavy minus 20 and Ollie who had battled through the earlier rounds was carrying a minus 4 handicap. This meant that Ollie played off scratch against Callum's minus 16. Both players played some dazzling, high energy Squash and Callum needed to play ninety three winning rallies to overcome his younger, much less experienced opponent 3-0 in what was a thoroughly enjoyable match. The spectators all agreed how exciting it is to have youngsters with this much talent playing at the club.

The Racketball final notched up a first for the competition when, after a short break from his Squash triumph, the wonderkid Callum Watts took on his father for the title. Simon Watts had a 15 point advantage over his son and although the match was played in a friendly fashion there was no quarter given and no quarter asked. Callum won the first two games, then appeared to relax a little and his Dad took full advantage of this and, much to the delight of the gallery, won the next two games.

Unfortunately, Simons exertions in the previous hour of play took there toll and Callum, showing no mercy, ran out the 3-2 winner of a thoroughly entertaining match and a fitting end to yet another great night at the club.   

2017 Dorset County Squash Championships

The Dorset County Squash Championships were held at Dorchester Tennis and Squash Club on the 7th & 8th October and were a huge success.  Many were in doubt that a 3 court club would be able to hold such a prestigious competition but Dorchester proved more than capable.  From the start the event looked like it was going to be bigger and better than previous years doubling the entries to 43 and having over 100 enter the club over the weekend to either watch or play. The event saw 65 good quality matches totalling 231 games played over the weekend ranging over 4 categories Main, B, O55's and Ladies. Dorchester themselves had 10 players entered with 4 of them picking up awards. Ben Lever runner up in the Mens B, Oliver Moffat runner up in the B Plate, Gary Biles winning the O55's and Giles Watts runner up in the O55’s.

Clive Ewins and Tony Webb put on an amazing final in the Mens Main competition but Clive as always was too strong winning 11/6, 11/6, 11/8 making it his 20th win in the Dorset County Closed.

The plate winner of the Mens Main was junior turning senior Adam Aldridge who beat Andy Budgen 11/8,11/7 and 11/3.

The Mens B category was a hard fought game between Two Riversmeet Paul Cooper and Dorchester’s Ben Lever taking the full five games to get a result 11/5, 8/11, 11/7, 5/11 and 11/8.

The plate final was another final that could have had a Dorchester player winning but unfortunately Oliver Moffat lost to Matt Cullimore 11/9, 12/10 and 14/12.

Sunday saw the Ladies arrive at the club with the O55’s. In the ladies Sharnine Coleman from Canford who is known for her perfect lobs and a deadly serve lost to the more agile Gemma Barber from Bournemouth Sports 7/11, 11/2, 12/10 and 11/6. Gemma last won the competition in 2009.

The O55's was an all Dorchester final with Gary Biles winning but having to work very hard for it and being taken all the way by Giles Watts 9/11, 11/7, 5/11, 11/4 and 11/4.

As it was the clubs 40th Anniversary this year they invited some of the local 'old boys and ladies' down to witness how the club was still thriving and how the game had advanced since they last played the game. 

Event organisers Annabel Whalley and Janet Biles were thrilled with the success of the competition and said 'Nationally squash is a sport that is dying out but somehow Dorchester is one of the clubs that still has a high membership number and we are very proud of that.  We are a members only club and we all work very hard at maintaining the club and working together.  We were very fortunate to have award winning Taste Brasserie sponsor the event and we know we have proved that we are strong and a small 3 court club can pull it out the bag!!'.

For a gallery of photos click here.

A write up in the Dorset Echo is at the link.

Gary Biles (below right) Over 55s Dorset Champion

~ ~  2016  ~ ~

2016 Squash & Racketball Handicap Tournament





Callum Watts

Shaun Dunne


Callum Watts

Lyn Stockham

Squash Plate

Annabel Whalley

Paul Morris

Racketball Plate

Keith Loader

John Pengelly


2016 Squash & Racketball Tournament




Men’s Squash

Nick Lamb

Stewart Dipple

Ladies’ Squash

Annabel Whalley

Megan Barnes

Veterans Squash

Lyn Stockham

Adam Lawrence

‘B’ Squash

Adam Lawrence

Ian Nowell-Smith

Squash Plate

Callum Watts

Jake Ellwood

‘B’ Squash Plate

Karan Ala

Paul Harrold

Veterans Squash Plate

Alan Membury

Mike Clapp

Men’s Racketball

Craig Robinson

Ed Elliott Square

‘B’ Racketball Plate

Claire Zimmerman

John Pengelly

Racketball Plate

Jake Wilkinson Tough

Phil Horne

‘B’ Racketball Plate

Mike Elliott

Ian Metcalfe

Veterans Racketball

Lyn Stockham

Graham Francis

Veterans Racketball Plate

Keith Loader

Adrian Powell

Real Tennis 2016

A social gathering for club members at Hyde Real Tennis Club, Walditch, Nr. Bridport - April 2016

~ ~  2015  ~ ~

2015 Handicap Finalists

2015 Squash & Racketball Finals

Championship delight at the Squash & Racketball Finals Night

Double Champions - Racketball 2014/2015

The triumphant racketball squad show off the 2015 Dorset Division Two Cup after defeating Ferndown in a very close fought final at West Hants Club. The score was 2-1 in matches in favour of Ferndown going into the last match. This meant Craig Robinson had to win 3-0 in the final match and have a 11 point total difference. Playing superbly he took the first two games but the third game was very close with Craig winning it 12-10 to secure the trophy for Dorchester. Neil Foster won his game 3-2 with a great performance. Paul White and Ian Friend both lost 3-1 but could have easily won their matches.

This means that Dorchester are the double champions having secured the league title a week earlier. Overall a fantastic achievement orchestrated by team captain Andy Notley 

2014/2015 Dorset Squash and Racketball Winter Leagues

Congratulations to our Racketball Team who have won the Dorset Division Two League. Below is the squad after defeating West Hants in the final league game. The team will also be competeing in the League Cup Final against Ferndown on 13 May.
Back Row - Ian Friend, Craig Robinson, Neil Foster
Front Row - Andy Notley, Paul White, Lyn Stockham, Simon Watts

The triumphant Racketball team who defeated West Hants convincingly 4-0 in the Dorset Division 2 Cup Final 2014

4th Team 2014/2015

Thanks to the support of Dave Whalley Roofing the Fourth Squash Team look very professional.

Callum Watts, Simon Watts, Robbie Tompkins, Annabel Whalley, Megan Barnes, Ian Nowell-Smith, Giles Watts, Paul White

4th Team 2014/2015

The smiling Squash Second Team who won Dorset Division 4 and were runners up in the Division 4 Cup Final

Improved Squash Player 2014/2015

The most improved Squash player of the year for 2014 2015 is Callum Watts

~ ~  2014  ~ ~

2014 Handicap Tournament Finalists

Watts occurring at the squash & racketball handicap finals

As the semi finals for this year’s DTSC squash & racketball handicap tournament took shape, the name Watts loomed large on the boards. Brothers Nick and Callum were joined by their father Simon and namesake Giles. It was left to only the younger members of this fraternity to challenge for honours however, with them swapping directions in the draw from last year’s tournament, in their contesting of the main and plate squash finals. 

Younger brother Callum was first up on court 3 looking to claim the squash plate prize against the master of the first round defeat, Adam Lawrence. The decibel levels steadily increased as Callum took the first and some intelligent play saw him open up a lead in the second before the guile and lob took hold for Adam to sneak the game. As Adam began to scuttle that bit more freely he grasped the lead in the match taking the third to 12. Callum's youthful exuberance saw him surge ahead in the 4th and take the match into a decider. The lob-meister forged ahead early in the concluding game before Callum battled back. Adam won the penultimate point to force a sudden death finale, only to tin his decisive attempt at a winner. 

Another regular club finalist in Jerry Trevorah looked to prove as adept with a racketball as he is with a screwdriver, after some maintenance on the door closer before coming on court, faced Colin Davies in the racketball plate final. A game that started with angles and endeavour was taken by relative ease by Jerry. A more evenly matched 2nd saw Colin level the match on a sudden death point as the crowd began to throng in anticipation of a possible epic encounter. Jerry again used the two point swing to his advantage taking the third in much the same fashion to the first. There was a feeling of déjà vu all over again in the fourth as a point for point game followed the same pattern as the second with both players looking to bring their experience to bear. A Jerry nick serve at a crucial 12 all was ultimately enough to stop Colin from forcing a fifth game.

Paul White looked to go one better than last year when he came across Adrian Powell in the main racketball final. Paul did his best to prove the handicapper was a tad lenient, wearing his opponent down in a gruelling opening two games. Adrian looked to push home his increased points advantage but Paul completed the comprehensive victory in three, continuing to use all angles and walls at his disposal. 

Lastly on court 3, it was a case of ‘Nick's all round’ in an edgy encounter for the handicap squash title as Messers Rodgers and Watts did battle. Nick W forged ahead early in this energetic encounter before some poor play at the front of the court let his opponent back in before regaining his composure and take the first. The Came Down golf pro, unbeaten at the club in handicap play, showed his competitive edge and manoeuvre his junior in the second but not enough to halt the flow of the match, albeit by the narrowest of margins. The left handed Watts, the club’s only south paw representative at finals’ night, looked to see out the match in three but a point for point start to the game only added to the tension. Calls of 'come on Nick' from the slightly more enthusiastic members of the audience echoed out and more enterprising play from both players followed as 'The Chief' Rodgers looked to fight his way back into the match only again to fall at the final hurdle, and yet another 14 all point, ending the encounter.

2014 Doubles Racketball Tournament

All players ...

Finalists - Alan, Paul, Arthur and Ben

Stiff Trophy Winners - Stewart and Mike who are all smiles!!

~ ~  2013  ~ ~ 

2013 Squash and Racketball Championships 2013

Click here for more photos

2013 Squash and Racketball Handicap Finals

Click for the full report and results

Click here for more photos

~ ~  2012  ~ ~

2012 Dorset Squash & Racketball Summer Cup Finals

Dorchester Racketball team won the Dorset Division 2 Summer Cup defeating Hamworthy in a very closely contested final at Bournemouth Sports Club. This is the first racketball trophy the club has ever won. Each team won two matches but Dorchester had won 8 games to Hamworthy’s 7. Neil Foster and Mike Elliott lost 3-1, whilst Lyn Stockham won 3-0 and Ian Friend won 3-1 to take the cup.

The photo shows the successful team with the trophy.
From the left - Mike Elliott, Lyn Stockham, Andy Notley, Neil Foster  and Ian Friend

The club also had a team playing in the Division 3 Squash Final. The result was agonising for the Dorchester team who lost to Blandford. Each team was equal on matches won, games won and it was only two points difference between the teams in JP Blandford's favour.

Photo shows the team.  From left - Lee Loder, Marcus Courtaux, David Whittingham and Adam Lawaence

~ ~  2010  ~ ~

2009/2010 - Six trophies in one season! Will it ever be beaten?


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